The Story

My grandfather Mikko was great wildernes guy, lastname Orava (Squirrel). Mikko gave me nature honour genetics and helped me to find strong and sensitive connection with nature. I want to offer you same magical experiences from nature what i have experienced now forty years. Like those moments in autumn, when nights are black, but stars give you delicate light to dark forest and you sitting with friends, and open fire gives you heat when temperature goes to minus degrees.. Sauna is warm, open fire cooking, sleep just under the stars with warm sleeping bag or go to warm hut to listen old stoves breathing.

Journeys for you

Full tourist busses, rush and lines, and you feel like a sardine. Something else? Feel like a part of warm family.. Come experience with us; Bear Island berries... Riisitunturi's old meadow hovels in stunning valley... Lapiosalmis famous hermit and hut... Saunaboat trips... Berrie picking weekends... Northern lights night walks... Great icewall of Korouoma... Local family dinner (very kind family)... Limited capacity, limited yearly weeks, and we can take only max. 7 person groups, and only 7 person at a time. Check years 2019 seasonal and limited private trips ->here<-.

Best regards, Tuukka

Posio, Lapland, Finland.